Advertising and marketing communications should be judged on the merit of the results that are achieved. You will see those results if your message evokes an emotional connection. Once touched, people will spend more time reading or listening to the reasons to believe in you. Bolts Creative Communications is passionate about helping businesses find a clear channel to the hearts and minds of their best potential customers, through marketing, media, and creative strategies that capture attention, persuade a call to action, and get the results they deserve.

Bolts Creative Communications is a full-service marketing and communications agency providing strategic consulting and planning through all of the tactical and creative elements entailed to position you, your product or business for success.  We give you a unique identity and the most compelling and persuasive tools to leverage you above your competitors.  There will be no one like you, and no one will seem better or more unique.

Bolts Creative Communications stands miles ahead of our own competition when it comes to providing marketing, content writing, graphic design, and website development services to meet the ever-increasing demands of online marketing, new media, and professional advertising.

Our marketing ethos is simple but effective: Be Creative, Be Original, Be Impressive, and more importantly, Be Noticed!